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The Debow Vreeland House: 1940s
Provided by a long time Fayson lakes family, this picture is of the 2 houses on what is known today as Lake Reality today.  The historical name of the house was known as the Debow Vreeland House.  It is  suspected to have been torn down sometime in the 1040's.  Originally our lake was known as Tony's Pond until it was dug out with the assistance of the Army Core of Engineers and eventually became our beloved Lake Reality Association.

Arial View of Lake Reality 1940s:

Historical Document:
Flyer from Contractor who built Lake Reality Development, originally called Lynnview Estates. 
Today the surrounding homes of Lake Reality is also known as Arbor Estates.

The Origins of Lake Reality Beach Club:

(The Herald-News Wednesday, April 21st 1976)

Original Plans for the Lake Reality Pavilion 1978: